Frameworks and Resources from the book

Ask Like An Auctioneer

How to Ask For More and Get It

Find all the resources as single downloads here. I hope you’ll use these every day as you go to make the kinds of asks that can change everything.

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How to Ask Like an Auctioneer Recap

Get this recap of how to ask like an auctioneer and nine ideas you can use to help you do it.

Your Most Powerful Ask Plan

Build a rock solid ask plan with this guided framework.

Swipe Files & Scripts

Not sure what to say? Use these scripts to find the words you need to ask like an auctioneer.

Storytelling Frameworks

Get the four storytelling moves you can use to put together your pitch.

ZOFO Model

Grab the visual model of the ZOFO (Zone of Freaking Out) so you can stay in your zone of potential.

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