Courage: Stand tall and ask big.

It’s not only important to know how to ask for what you want. It’s just as important to have the confidence in your ask to take whatever answer you get. Transform the process of an ask from a cringe-worthy anxiety-fest to a thrilling adventure.

Control: Steer the conversation.

You’re not alone. Many smart, innovative women feel out of control when asking for what they want. We’re convinced unlocking the “right” ask is some mystery we can't solve and that feeling of powerlessness puts us at a disadvantage. Regain control and bring your voice back into the conversation.

Speed: Reach your goals faster.

You want to get to “yes” as soon as you can to know you’re not leaving money or opportunity on the table. You want to get to “no” just as quickly to spark a constructive conversation. Learn how to play bigger faster and walk away when priorities clash.

My mind was BLOWN! I loved it! I am so excited to go into this negotiation. Before I was scared. Now, I am empowered. [The negotiation] can’t come soon enough!
— Teal H., Engineer Tech & Realtor


I want you to get more so you can be more, impact more, grow more, give more.

As a communications coach for nearly 20 years, I’ve noticed a pattern: We wring our hands over asking for more money, visibility, responsibility… whatever! When we do ask, we ask for what we think we can get and never really know what’s possible. We can ask for more and ask until we know we’re getting what the market will bear; unapologetically and directly.

Combining my two passions, leadership communications coaching and fundraising auctioneering, I’ve created #asklikeanauctioneer, a program that uses a new model to help women make that bold and courageous ask for more.



Too often we ask for what we think we can get and never push to know where the actual boundary is. I want you to go for “no” and respond to that. In the end you’ll get more than you could have if you just targeted a “yes.”


The zone of freaking out takes you beyond what you’re comfortable with asking. It pushes into a place you’re not used to going so you know you’ve left nothing on the table. Embrace it. It’s fun here!

Where I really asked like an auctioneer was in my title… the entire experience was eye opening and empowering.
— Lorena


The process of asking for more and stepping into the ZOFO helps you get clear about what you really want and what really matters so you can make decisions on your own terms. That’s powerful.


We’re all worthy. Stop letting your price and the deal define your worth. Instead, you get to decide if what someone is willing to give you — after you’ve made a bold ask — is worth it to you.

I definitely was feeling my power when I made the ask.
— Jane