Courses and coaching.


Whether you’re looking to dip your toes into the waters of the ZOFO or ready to go a little deeper, these offers are right at your fingertips. Access the power of Asking wherever you are in the world.


Welcome to the ZOFO.

A short and fun self-paced digital course


Goal: Don’t let what’s been holding you back stop you from getting more.

Everyone has a ZOFO, a “Zone of Freaking Out.” It’s that overwhelmed and anxious feeling you get when you're taking risks (and asking big).

The reason accomplished and impressive people continue to succeed is that they’ve figured out how to navigate the ZOFO efficiently and effectively.

Welcome to the ZOFO will help you:

  • Explore what’s holding you back

  • Learn to confidently navigate your own zone

  • Make the asks that accelerate reaching your goals

This is short, powerful course can change your career, business and life through one courageous Ask.

I doubled my salary AND my title in just under a year with these simple but powerful ideas.
— Alex V.

Your Most Powerful Ask.

75-min. private coaching + 15-min. follow-up


Goal: Make a plan and get more.

You have a goal: a money goal, a career goal, a business goal. It’s big and gorgeous and glowing in the distance. You have a vision for how to bring this goal to fruition, but haven’t found the courage to put it into motion just yet. You’re ready to hone your plan and boost your self-confidence.

In this intensive, 75-minute session you will:

  • Identify a bold Ask that moves you toward that goal

  • Step into your own personal ZOFO

  • Craft your Ask Plan