Speaking and workshops.


There’s nothing like a live experience to create shift. Dia’s talks and workshops are fun, fierce and furiously committed to getting you where you want to go, fast.


Keynote appearances.


Goal:  Learn that you can reach your goals faster using the power of Asking — and Asking big.

With uncompromising honesty, Dia’s big bold ideas will light up the stage and your courage. Her proven strategies leverage the power of Asking so you can stop waiting and start making big leaps in your career and life.

Whether you’re an individual ready to achieve your goals or an organization that wants to support women pursuing their potential, you will:

  • Open your eyes to the power and potential of Asking

  • Understand the two key concepts that cause us to leave money and opportunity on the table EVERY TIME

  • Learn how to make those big, auctioneer-like Asks that catapult your career

Your Most Powerful Ask, Live!

A Half-day workshop for 20 to ∞ (the bigger the better)


Goal: Discover how to get more.

Develop valuable skills and a strategic plan so you can ask for what you want with confidence.

We know we’re being too modest when we talk about our accomplishments and too timid when we ask for money, opportunity and resources. We see the problem, but we’re not sure how to fix it.

How can we be bolder when we make important asks?

Dia has the answers and she can’t wait to share them with you.

This energizing half-day workshop includes everything you need to go from seeing the problem to planning a solution to kicking it into action.

When you participate in Your Most Powerful Ask, LIVE! you will:

  • Gain a new perspective on the power of Asking

  • Get clear on why you haven’t been demanding more  

  • Harness strategies from the world of auctioneering to help you make bigger, better Asks

  • Get guided live coaching to develop an Ask Plan for an upcoming ask (whether you have one in mind or not)

  • Get the confidence to align your needs with your Asks  

This workshop will change how you think about and craft the most important Asks in your career. Learn how to maximize the potential of every ask, every time.

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