Courses and coaching.


Whether you’re looking to dip your toes into the waters of the ZOFO or you’re ready for the whole asking shebang, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Explore the options below to start asking your way to success.


Welcome to the ZOFO.

A short and fun self-paced digital course | $99

Stop lowballing yourself. Explore what’s holding you back and find a way to confidently navigate the ZOFO (Zone of Freaking Out).

In this four-part short course you’ll:

  • Learn the core concept that will get you more of what you want, every time.

  • Get insights into how to make a more courageous ask.

  • Understand more about what’s stopping you from asking for what you really want.

  • Master self-guided coaching exercises you can use during this course and after.

Your Most Powerful Ask.

Small group coaching with Dia | $149

Arm yourself with a powerful Ask that gets you closer to your next goal. By the end of the session, you’ll have an “Ask Plan” and the courage and confidence to do it. This session is best for women who have completed the Welcome to the ZOFO short course.

In this 90-minute session you’ll:

  • Identify a bold Ask that will move you toward your goal.

  • Step into your own personal ZOFO and craft the big Ask.

  • Define your reserve.

  • Define your Ask Plan.

Your Most Powerful Ask, Live!

A two-hour workshop for 20 to ∞ (the bigger the better)


Combining the core elements of Ask Like an Auctioneer and guided coaching exercises, this workshop will open your eyes to the power of asking big, present the 2 key concepts that prevent us from getting the most of every ask and teach the room how to use big asks to reach big goals. Participants will get that fresh look at asking and, in the guided coaching, develop an Ask plan that will power up their courage and give them the confidence to do it.

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Ask Like an Auctioneer: Master the ASK.

Online course with Dia | $899

Ready to make asking part of your success strategy? This course will help you make the big auctioneer-like Asks that get you closer to your biggest goals and transform the process from a fearful, cringe-worthy experience to an energizing, confidence-producing adventure. Put yourself in control of the conversation about your most crucial Asks.

In this 6-module course you’ll:

  • Become an everyday practitioner of asking big so you can get to your goals, faster.

  • Learn to confidently craft and navigate every Ask that matters.

  • Make asking big part of your success strategy.

  • Join an community of women courageously asking out loud for what they want and seeing what’s possible when they do.


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