Flip the script on your value

“Know your value” or “know your worth” is common phrasing when talking salary and career moves.

But do you really?

Have you actually CHALLENGED your own concept of personal value?

Likely not. It can be scary to push the envelope. We get all this mental chatter like:

Am I good enough?

Do I deserve that much money?

Will people think I’m greedy?

What if I can’t deliver at that level?

But all this internal dialogue means little to nothing in reality.

Maybe it’s time you upgraded what you think your value is…


By making bigger Asks and seeing what you get — in real life, not in your head. After all, confidence comes from action. You can’t think yourself more confident. But you sure can feel much more empowered by pounding the pavement and getting feedback from other people.

This is the only real way to discover what the market deems appropriate, instead of sticking with your own assumptions. Your own assumptions are probably a comfy place to hang out, but those ideas may not be serving you very well in reaching your goals.

If you feel around by Asking, the edges of your current value will come clear. What better way to know! And don’t just take one opinion as fact, either. Investigate and see what’s out there for you.

You can know your value, but regularly challenge it, too. You then have the chance to upgrade yourself, your income, your role and your impact.

Inquiry: When was the last time you challenged what you thought your value was? Is it time to do it again?

If you need a bit more coaching to help you get moving on this, you can get my 5 Tips To Rev Up Your Courage right now. Go make some great stuff happen for you!