3 reasons getting more isn’t greed

Women frequently struggle with the idea of asking for more and getting it. Not because they don’t really want more, but because they don’t want to be viewed as a greedy person.

So let’s address this so you can get more without feeling greedy. Here are 3 reasons why getting more isn’t greed:

1. You have goals.

When you’re asking for more, the purpose is to move you closer to your goals. You’re not just asking to grab whatever you can, everywhere you can, and being selfish. When you are crafting an Ask, it’s to impact your greater goals and often those goals have a positive ripple effect that emanates through family and community. Your children may want to do extracurricular activities or you may want to support a local charity effort. You having more means you can build up everyone around you.

2. You’re allowed to have more.

That’s it and that’s all. Having more doesn’t need to be classified as greed. You are entitled to want and get more.

3. You aren’t taking away from someone else. 

Asking for more and getting more doesn’t mean by default that you are taking away from someone else or that you’re gouging somebody. It simply means you’re striving for an equilibrium between the goals you want and what someone will pay. Don’t assume asking for more is hurting somebody. It’s not. Truthfully, you’re simply achieving a perfect balance of requesting and receiving a yes, which benefits both parties.

If you’re holding back asking for what you want because you’re worried about seeming greedy, you can let that idea go. Reaching for your goals is a normal and acceptable action to take.

Inquiry: Do I feel like what I want is greedy, or will be perceived as greedy? Am I truly being greedy, or just achievement-oriented?

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