Three signs you’re ready

There are times in our careers when Asking big matters most. But how do you know it’s time to focus on it as a success strategy and a skill to develop?

Women come to Ask LIke an Auctioneer when they have three things going on — all signs they’re ready to remove the gloves, take the risks and reap the rewards of the courageous kind of Asking I teach.

These might give you a clue it’s time to put Asking in your toolkit and use it to action your plans and accelerate your goals.

Here are the three signs you’re ready to get good at Asking big:

1. You’re getting both clear AND honest about your goals.

We aren't always crystal clear about our goals and getting there often requires some real honesty with ourselves. If you’re noticing that your next set of goals are starting to shape up and that you are, in fact, being honest with yourself about what you REALLY want, it may be time to get good at Asking.

2. You’re feeling the itch to level up in you career or business.

Sometimes we work along in our careers, executing against goals, doing the work, cruising along at a rhythm and a pace that feels… normal. And then something changes and we want more. We want to stretch more, take on more and level up across the board in our career and professional or financial pursuits. And we need help. It can start as a whisper and then grow into a roar so loud we’re willing to challenge the status quo to get to our next level. If you’re hearing that whisper, it might be time to get good at Asking.

3. You’re holding back.

Are you noticing you hold back when you go to negotiate for yourself, whether for money or opportunities? Even just a little? Or maybe your version of holding back is just not asking at all, even though you want to. Yes, this is a sign — in combination with the others I’ve mentioned already — that it’s time to face the music and get good at Asking.

Finding the courage to Ask for what you really want puts you in control of your career and helps you confidently accelerate getting to your goals. And isn’t that what we all want?

If you want that, too, maybe it’s time to get good at Asking. And it can start today.

Are you ready to get started?

You can jumpstart your courage by grabbing my 5 Tips to Ignite the Power of Asking right now.

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